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About Us

About Us

Led by artists and filmmakers, Sam Meech, Hwa Young Jung, Tim Brunsden & Neil Winterburn, Re-Dock are a community interest company established in 2008 to develop and deliver high quality creative projects throughout the North West of England and beyond.

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Re-Dock is

  • a collective of artists working with people and technology
  • a laboratory for developing strong, playful, interdisciplinary projects
  • a supportive network of peers and collaborators
  • a repository for knowledge-sharing and research
  • a space for unpicking and working through creative practice

Our Work

Flagship projects such as “A Small Cinema” and “Open Source Swan Pedalo” (both ongoing) highlight our organic and expansive approach to the journey an artwork may take and we place special emphasis on the value of investing in host community resources and integrating the voices of many.  Another recent collaboration “Mapping and Memory” brought into focus a very important strand of our work emphasising the importance of individual stories and using lo-tech interfaces to collect and map people’s ideas and memories.  Public manifestations through exhibitions, events and presentations are supported by ongoing research and development and we welcome dialogue with other practitioners globally.


We work with a ever-growing network of artists (across all forms including filmmaking, poetry, technology and performance) festivals, organisations local authorities, research councils and major institutions (including Liverpool Biennial, University of Liverpool, FACT, National Museums Liverpool) taking a critical approach to technology and placing an emphasis on novel ways to share art practice in public environments.

Re-Dock can create and manage strong partnerships for interdisciplinary projects and bring bring a sense of play into the mix. We have a commitment to developing a robust and transparent methodology for creative practitioners exploring unconventional collaborative relationships in the arts.  We support the development of creative practice through our workshops, networks, work-placements, and research activities, which we document through our online presence.


co-creators – people who’ve helped make things happen

  • John O’Shea – co-founder, co-director 2008-2013
  • Jon Astbury – artist
  • Steve and Mena Aldred – cinema volunteers
  • Will Daw – illustrator, designer
  • Alan Dunn – artist, mentor
  • Nathan Jones – poet and performer, artistic director of Mercy
  • Dave Lynch – artist, inventor
  • Becky Mulvaney – intern, writer
  • Chris Rodenhurst – illustrator
  • Kate Rodenhurst – consultant, researcher
  • Hannah Pierce – cinema volunteer, artist
  • Tom Rea Smith – composer
  • Claire White – cinema volunteer

People and organisations we have worked with:

Abandon Normal Devices Festival
British Waterways
Bold Street Traders (Liverpool)
FACT (Foundation For Art and Creative Technology)
Folly Digital Arts Agency (Lancashire)
Halton Borough Council
Knowsley Council Arts Service
Lancashire County Council
Liverpool Biennial
Liverpool University
LinacreOne Housing Trust
National Museums Liverpool
St Helens Council Arts Service and Central Library