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Sam Meech

Sam is an artist and videosmith based in the North West. His interests range from cinema ecology and projection design, to video hardware and digital archiving. Read more…



A Small Cinema Recipe

Well, the bow-ties are off and the posters are taken down after our latest manifestation of “A Small Cinema” If you missed it then you can watch a video all about the event over on our Small Cinema blog (where you’ll also be able to view some of the films and read all about the progress of the project.)

“A Small Cinema” has now been through several incarnations and we are now asking ourselves the question:

What makes “A Successful Small Cinema”? Read more…



Open Source Swan Pedalo

There is always an exception to prove any rule…

At the end of 2010, in a flurry of excitement, Re-Dock took on a whole new level of responsibility by stepping into the breach and becoming overall trustees of a five-person sailing vessel – a swan pedalo!  In terms of “keeping our operation light” the pedalo breaks all of the rules – it is 10 feet long and 6 feet high and it takes 6 people to lift it!

This particular swan pedalo had been instrumental in previous projects by Liverpool Biennial connected to the “Canal &” programme which we had instigated during 2008 and when we saw it for sale on E-Bay we felt a level of responsibility to try and keep it “in the family.”  Our investment in this swan pedalo (a bargain at a hundred quid!) is really only the very first step in what represents quite a different departure for Re-Dock – a new kind of emergent project which has a working title of “Open Source Swan Pedalo.”

The Swan Pedalo was one of the key symbols used to suggest new creative potentials for people living around the Leeds and Liverpool canal and that is a conversation we are keen to continue during 2011: the Open Source Swan Pedalo is a “see where it goes” project…

Thanks to all the people who “got onboard” with the Open Source Swan Pedalo project during 2010! << You know who you are ;-)

Have a look at the Open Source Swan Pedalo Blog (hosted by defnetmedia) and (of course!) you can follow @swanpedalo on twitter.



No Photocopiers!

Rule #1 – No Photocopiers (And no Albatrosses!)

From the very beginning of our collective work as Re-Dock we have attempted to adhere to a simple rule “No Photocopiers (And no Albatrosses!)”

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Digital Media Labs Award

Re-Dock are delighted to have been selected for a Digital Media Labs, research and development residency, happening in Hull at the end of October.

The residency has been organised as part of the commissioning process for an interactive art work for the new Wilberforce Health Centre in Hull.  And, our successful application means that one of us will be spending a week, alongside nine other selected artists, in an experimental media-lab environment exploring possible public-realm touch screen technology.

This is an ideal opportunity for us to intersect new and previously unencountered technologies with Re-Dock’s ‘hands-on’ (and lo-fi) approach.  We hope that this valuable new learning will be fed-back and integrated into our future projects.

Earlier this month we found out that we had been nominated (as “artists doing interesting and exciting work in the Northern regions”) by digital arts agency Folly – so a big thankyou to them!

We are really looking forward to meeting the organisors – Digital Media Labs – collaborating with the other artists, and spending a week in Kingston Upon Hull!

IMAGE: Wilberforce Monument, Queens Gardens, Hull – used under Creative Commons Licence.



Re-Dock Research

Over the coming year we want to make it possible to share more of the things that we discover in the course of our research led practice – our processes, data and source material.

As a starting point for this we have recently begun researching alternative models for cinema screenings in order to establish possible new strategies for A Small Cinema (which is both a cinematic event and a practical investigation).  This research has been made possible through a Go And See bursary from Artists Network.

Follow this link to find out more:



Tim Brunsden


Tim is a film maker interested in visual narratives, random connections, open source principals and ways of working around agreed mutual exchange.  He specialises in documentary video work, through personal projects such as Liverpool Stories to longer term collaborations on

Tim has also delved into live performance creating and collaborating on live projections for the likes of Pains Plough and Duckie and enjoys messing about with media manipulation software Isadora and open source programming such as Processing.

Associated Re-Dock Projects:-

Project Triangle

Mapping & Memory

The Loop


Website : Light Factory




Neil Winterburn

Neil Winterburn is an artist and child computer interaction researcher. He takes particular interest in generative art processes, using fantasy to frame the creative involvement of participants.

Examples of this include collaborating with teenagers to create models of thoughts using computer games and giant papercraft sculptures, and working with older adults to evaluate speculative laser communications technologies.

Working with Re-Dock Neil has focused on devising project frameworks and exploring the use of educational and participatory activities to equip collaborators with new technical and conceptual tools.

Neil coordinates the Flunstellas project, which explore thoughts and feelings as living things that inhabit social spaces.

He has recently completed an Mres in Child Computer Interaction with the ChiCI group at UCLAN, focusing on the participatory design of affective systems for teenagers.

Associated Projects






John O’Shea

John develops new and experimental approaches to art-making through his work with people, technology and social structures.

He worked closely with Alan Dunn to establish our inaugural research project “Canal & – suggestions for a future canal” during 2008 and he is largely to blame for our purchase of “Grace” the swan pedalo. In 2011 John and worked with Dave Lynch to establish Swan Pedalo Broadcasts – creating a floating pirate radio station on the swan.

Beyond his work with Re-Dock, John has an avid interest in the contradictory relations between humans and other animals.  In 2008 he founded The Meat Licence Proposal and continuing in this vein he has invented a new culinary dish – Black Market Pudding – using blood from a living pigs.  During 2011/12 his Pigs Bladder Football project sees him in residence at the Clinical Engineering department of the University of Liverpool – attempting to “grow” a football from living animal cells.

In 2010 John completed an AHRC Research Project at Newcastle University’s Culture Lab where he learnt some new tricks involving coding, electronics and interactive art.
Associated Projects:

Open Source Swan Pedalo
Swan Pedalo Broadcasts
Constellation of Signs
A Small Cinema in Kirkby
A Small Cinema on Bold Street
Canal &