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Making an eBook

I had a cracking time recently, delivering an eBook workshop as part of the Library of Dreams project. Although I dont own a Kindle myself, I really like the way it presents images and text with a kind of retro / gameboy aesthetic. For the workshop I facilitated a group of people in creating their own collaborative eBook using an online tool called Booktype.



Interview with Alan Dunn

A very quick post to point to an interview conducted by The Aesthetic Trust with Alan Dunn about the installation “Constellation of Signs” which was one of several outcomes of our long-running collaborative work with Liverpool Biennial, which began with the “Canal &” research in North Liverpool.  Read more…



Liverpool Processing Meetup

We have started hosting a meetup at our base the Ranch for people interested in using Processing, the programming environment designed for artists and visual thinkers. Read more…



SYNTAX: Coding for Writers

At the end of June Mercy will deliver a new iteration of “Syntax: Coding for Writers” in the form of a two-day intensive skills-based workshop, which will be presented as part of FACT’s Open Curate It programme.  SYNTAX was originally devised in 2011 by John O’Shea and Nathan Jones as a framework for writers and coders to work together.  The SYNTAX experiment was the first time that our different collectives (Re-Dock and Mercy) had formally collaborated – it’s really great to see this initiative moving forward!



As swan journey ends, another begins

On March 18th, Grace completed an extraordinary feat, pedalling the 127 miles of the Leeds – Liverpool canal. It was a massive achievement for Grace, and of course for the BBC Radio Leeds team who seconded her on this crazy mission, and between them they raised over £50k for Sport Relief.



Music For Sleeping

We recently staged a very special audiovisual event at St Helens Central Library as part of the ongoing Library of Dreams project. The show, entitled Music For Sleeping, featured animations, videos, sounds and spoken word recordings created by the public through a series of digital arts workshops at the library. The final presentation was a half hour long, surround sound journey with the audience laid on their backs on comfy mats, whilst watching the projections on the ceiling overhead.



Experiments in Time

At the last outing for a small cinema, there was a lovely selection of short films, one in particular Luminaris, got me thinking about trying some stop motion, which I’ve never really done seriously, just tinkered with. This film inspired me to look at it from the perspective of travelling light, so I’ve been waiting for the right conditions and building up a small collection of footage. I’ve posted a short sample below.



Visiting Octopus in Cumbria

At the beginning of March I made a trip up to Barrow-in-Furness to meet with Glenn Boulter and the rest of the team at Octopus Collective in Barrow-in-Furness to discuss our shared challenges of running a small art organisation.



Liverpool Ships and Sailors

Although our Mapping and Memory project has close, we’ve kept in contact with some of the participants, particularly the group known as the ‘Retired Merchant Seafarers’. It turns out that the group used to run a website where they had collected lots of stories and photographs and quite a large following. But, as happens, the running and maintanence of the site became quite a bit of work, coupled with increased hosting costs, this led to the site not rewnewed and the name has since been purchased by a holding company. All the data that was on the site is on a hard drive in someone’s shed – some has been lost. Read more…