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Sam Meech

Sam is an artist and videosmith based in the North West. His interests range from cinema ecology and projection design, to video hardware and digital archiving. Read more…



Tim Brunsden


Tim is a film maker interested in visual narratives, random connections, open source principals and ways of working around agreed mutual exchange.  He specialises in documentary video work, through personal projects such as Liverpool Stories to longer term collaborations on

Tim has also delved into live performance creating and collaborating on live projections for the likes of Pains Plough and Duckie and enjoys messing about with media manipulation software Isadora and open source programming such as Processing.

Associated Re-Dock Projects:-

Project Triangle

Mapping & Memory

The Loop


Website : Light Factory




Neil Winterburn

By adding constructivist pedagogy to existing media art approaches to collaboration, Neil Winterburn develops experimental educational frameworks that get people building, playing and communicating with models of mind.

He takes particular interest in unpacking art processes, in order to open them up for others to explore, with collaborations generating new tools, games, courses and conferences.

Working with Re-Dock Neil has led on the Loop project, helping young people build a computer game about a cycle track and contributed to the development of collaborative mapping and modelling methodologies.


Neil also co-ordinates the Flunstellas project, which asks what it would be like if we could see peoples thoughts all around us?

Flunstellas are flocks, clusters and constellations of ideas, emotions and memories.


The Just Association website, archives Neil’s work in education and community settings.





John O’Shea

John develops new and experimental approaches to art-making through his work with people, technology and social structures.

He worked closely with Alan Dunn to establish our inaugural research project “Canal & – suggestions for a future canal” during 2008 and he is largely to blame for our purchase of “Grace” the swan pedalo. In 2011 John and worked with Dave Lynch to establish Swan Pedalo Broadcasts – creating a floating pirate radio station on the swan.

Beyond his work with Re-Dock, John has an avid interest in the contradictory relations between humans and other animals.  In 2008 he founded The Meat Licence Proposal and continuing in this vein he has invented a new culinary dish – Black Market Pudding – using blood from a living pigs.  During 2011/12 his Pigs Bladder Football project sees him in residence at the Clinical Engineering department of the University of Liverpool – attempting to “grow” a football from living animal cells.

In 2010 John completed an AHRC Research Project at Newcastle University’s Culture Lab where he learnt some new tricks involving coding, electronics and interactive art.
Associated Projects:

Open Source Swan Pedalo
Swan Pedalo Broadcasts
Constellation of Signs
A Small Cinema in Kirkby
A Small Cinema on Bold Street
Canal &