Neil Winterburn

I’m looking for new ways to create art with people, especially young people, exploring how technology is changing how we share our thoughts and feelings. I’m obsessed with the relationship between socially engaged art and radical pedagogy and channeled this into the ‘Critical Kits’ book and game, which brought together different artists perspectives on the potential for popular education formats like kits and tutorials to share socially engaged art practice with wider audiences.

With Re-Dock I have worked as lead artist on commissions in libraries including ‘Thought Blobs’ a slime based communication system for children, the ‘St. Helens Vs The Lizards’ escape room set in a teenagers bedroom in St.helens during the 80’s and ’30 Years Of..’ an exhibition of internet connected artefacts from the 30 years since the National Miners Strike. Helping out on other peoples projects, I like to help other artists map out their artistic vision for new projects, and to investigate new ways to unpack and open out their practice, so as to involve other people in it.

The core of my practice explores what it would be like if we could see the thoughts and feelings that move within and between us. Sometimes I get this feeling that my thoughts are outside my body, moving around the room, interacting with other people’s as they inhabit the space. You can see how I investigate these experiences as artworks at, learning resources at and Child Computer Interaction research on methods for involving teenagers in the participatory design of interactive emotion displays.