Constellation of Signs

117 road and traffic signs representing peoples’ ideas and memories of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal

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Constellation of Signs is a playful and thought-provoking art installation being created for the Pennington Road Bridge in Bootle. Developed by Re-Dock and Alan Dunn, in partnership with LinacreOne and Liverpool Biennial, Constellation Of Signs will become a landmark installation along the route of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal.

The work is made from 117 aluminium traffic and information signs mounted on the wall next to the bridge. Each sign represents a distilled version of one of over 300 ideas and suggestions for future of the Leeds-Liverpool canal, gathered from local community during the course of our community workshops and activity days. Why Signs? Road and information signage uses a very accessible visual language – usually reserved for passing on information, directions or giving notification of a warning or prohibition.

Public signage typically uses simplified shapes and primary colours, and the ideas contained are immediately recognisable and understood by a broad spectrum of the community at large, including children.