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Liverpool Ships and Sailors

Although our Mapping and Memory project has close, we’ve kept in contact with some of the participants, particularly the group known as the ‘Retired Merchant Seafarers’. It turns out that the group used to run a website where they had collected lots of stories and photographs and quite a large following. But, as happens, the running and maintanence of the site became quite a bit of work, coupled with increased hosting costs, this led to the site not rewnewed and the name has since been purchased by a holding company. All the data that was on the site is on a hard drive in someone’s shed – some has been lost. Read more…



Re-Dock Research

Over the coming year we want to make it possible to share more of the things that we discover in the course of our research led practice – our processes, data and source material.

As a starting point for this we have recently begun researching alternative models for cinema screenings in order to establish possible new strategies for A Small Cinema (which is both a cinematic event and a practical investigation).  This research has been made possible through a Go And See bursary from Artists Network.

Follow this link to find out more: