Advice Portal

A project developed in partnership with Tenantspin, working with residents in sheltered housing schemes across NW to explore ideas around communication technology and telepresence.
Tenantspin have a history of developing community broadcast projects and are now experimenting post-broadcast media in collaboration with Re-Dock. ‘Advice Portal‘ builds on residents’ ipad learning sessions to facilitate creative exercises discussing the impact of technology, possible uses and restrictions of telepresence, and the importance of the message itself, for both sender and receiver.
Advice Portal is inspired both by historical technological innovations and their impact on society, as well as fictional devices such as time-travel and visitations. With telepresence technologies now ubiquitous, it is also interested in the importance of the messages, and the different uses of telepresence that may be possible.
Over several months, Re-Dock worked with the residents, discussing the implications of technology, creating role-play scenarios for 4th dimensions Skype calls, experimenting with iPad cameras, and user testing new portals developed in collaboration with artists Sam Meech, Dave Lynch and Jon Astbury.
The project culminated in an exhibition in the FACT connects space in May 2013 entitled – CAN YOU HEAR ME? I CAN SEE YOU!, featuring 3 new commissioned artworks, alongside research from the workshops. The aim is to allow visitors to explore a range of approaches to telepresence, but also question how these could impact on the everyday lives of the residents.


See the exhibition – CAN YOU HEAR ME? I CAN SEE YOU!