Culture Lab, Newcastle

Between 27th and 29th of November we spent some time at Newcastle University’s Culture Lab, examining our four major projects from 2009 and undertaking a very rigorous end of year review.

We took 3 strands of enquiry:

1.  Collaboration and Collaborative Tools
2.  Organisation, Organisations and Agendas
3.  Art – Inspiration, Doing/Making/ (Re)presentation

These 3 inquiry themes were, in a sense, lenses with which to examine our work.

We wanted to revisit our projects and consider:  – What were the FACTORS which threatened, jeopardised or damaged these projects?  – What STRATEGIES and TACTICS might we adopt as principles to prevent, dodge or limit these factors?

Through careful analysis of this knowledge, we think that it will be possible to build a kind of handbook or RE-DOCK toolkit…

Importantly, we want to make sure that fellow artists, communities and organisations are able to benefit from our activity.  We will be sharing the many outcomes of this evaluation over the course of 2010

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