Interview with Alan Dunn

A very quick post to point to an interview conducted by The Aesthetic Trust with Alan Dunn about the installation “Constellation of Signs” which was one of several outcomes of our long-running collaborative work with Liverpool Biennial, which began with the “Canal &” research in North Liverpool.  Alan is a greatly respected artist and recent nominee for the Liverpool Art Prize and the article gives a really good account of the many twists and turns which in many ways came to define that series of works.  What I find particularly interesting though, is that Alan points to our early experiments with digital workshop activities as art practice in themselves as a core reason for his being interested in working with us to begin with:

“I was really interested in how Re-Dock were using technology to redesign workshop scenarios, making them part of the creative process rather than a means to an end.”

(pictured: Alan Dunn, Tim Brunsden, Neil Winterburn, Sam Meech, John O’Shea, Chris Rodenhurst.)


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