Making an eBook

I had a cracking time recently, delivering an eBook workshop as part of the Library of Dreams project. Although I dont own a Kindle myself, I really like the way it presents images and text with a kind of retro / gameboy aesthetic. For the workshop I facilitated a group of people in creating their own collaborative eBook using an online tool called Booktype.

Much like Google Docs, it allows multiple users to create and edit a document via a simple interface. The main differences are the ways these documents are structure (‘chapters’ and ’sections’), and the fact you can export the final thing as an eBook. It seems to me a very democratising thing, that people can quickly and easily create files for this new technology using free tools. It was especially interesting that I ran the workshop in a library, bearing in mind how they are struggling to balance their existing models of cultural access with new forms of distribution. A library that publishes online is a very interesting concept indeed…

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You can download the latest version of the eBook of Dreams here (choose your format):