St Helens Detective Club

Outline – Explore the Golden Age of Detective Fiction and create a dastardly Whodunnit set in St Helens Library

Partners – St Helens Arts Service, St Helens Central Library

Synopsis – It may not be Colonel Mustard…but it’s definitely happening in the library!

Whether it’s popular board game Cluedo or a page turning crime novel, everyone loves a good whodunnit? And when it comes to books, crime stories and detective yarns are always among the most popular items requested by library users and bookshop customers.

And now Central Library in St Helens is to host a new group set up to tap into this enthusiasm for the genre. The St Helens Detective Club wants to gather enthusiasts to explore the ‘Golden Age of Detective Fiction.’ The group aims to cover the period between the two world wars when many of the genre’s ideas, formats, rules and conventions were refined – and when Agatha Christie reigned as the Queen of Crime. We will explore the great authors, stories, logical deduction and creative writing – and encourage participants to work together to write their own mystery, set in Central Library.

The workshops will culminate in a mystery for the public to solve in the autumn, when the public will be invited to solve clues in the library, through social media and online – before revealing who they think was the culprit.

Find out more at and @DetectiveClubP