Libraries In Motion

Outline – A collaborative stop-motion animation experiment working with library usres across St Helens to create a film exploring these amazing public spaces. Part of the Space and Trails library residency project.

Partners – St Helens Arts Service, St Helens Libraries.

Synopsis – Working across the seven libraries in the South of St Helens, artist Sam Meech is working with library users to introduce them to stop-motion techniques and create animations that bring the library spaces to life. Using both formal workshops, and also working by stealth with library users, the project encourage speople to participate in developing short films that use the spaces in an unusual way. Books come to life on the shelves, librarians skate past the main desk, and chairs dance around the space. Using traditional principles and digital tools, the project gives people of all ages a chance to flex their imagination through the process of stop-motion animation. Working in teams or on their own, the films give people a chance to reimagine the library as a site of illusion and magic.

The films will be edited together to create one epic animation that will be screened in the library spaces.

Lead Artist Sam Meech

Images & Video documentation


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