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This year it is 30 years since the 1984 miners’ strike, which opposed the government’s policy of pit closures. Re-Dock and Internet of Things expert Adrian McEwen worked with the ex-mining community in St.Helens to create an interactive exhibition of enchanted objects, telling the story of the past 30 years.

The project was commissioned by St. Helens Arts Service as part of the second Cultural Hubs programme and is supported by public funding from the Arts Council of England.

Throughout a series of creative workshops we asked the men and women of the ex-mining community in St. Helens to share and curate a selection of objects to describe their experience of the past 30 Years. We used these objects as a focal point to discuss the strike, to evoke memories and to explore how things have changed over the years.

Still The Enemy Within Screening
“Gary Conley introducing ‘Still The Enemy Within'”.

The project culminated in a screening of the film ‘Still The Enemy Within’ and an exhibition of enchanted artefacts. Cabinets of interactive artefacts were displayed at Chester Lane and Haydock library, with viewers able to investigate the objects using a specially designed sensor, that triggered audio descriptions of the memories that they sparked. The exhibition also featured smart objects that responded when they were being talked about on Twitter.


Snap Tin Illustration by Chris Rhodenhurst
Snap Tin illustration by Chris Rhodenhurst


Objects Exhibited

Police Baton – Stewart Brown
Holiday trinkets – Sue Brown
Miners Wives Cup – Steven Hardman
Coal – Sid Saunders
Oldham Cap ‘T’ Headlamp – David Stevens
Radiator Key – Terry Houghton
Tickle Me Elmo – Marion White
Nokia Mobile Phone – George White

Shearer illustration by Chris Rhodenhurst

Chester Lane

Sutton Colliery Plate – Steven Hardman
Support the Miners Badge – Stewart Brown
NEC Mobile Phone – George White
WWF Foam Hand – Sue Brown
Mystery Tin – Sue Brown
Reconstituted Coal – Sid Saunders
Rocking Parrot Toy – Sid Saunders
Dream Crown – Marion White
Tally – Terry Houghton
Cufflinks – Stewart Brown

Tally illustration by Chris Rhodenhurst
Tally illustration by Chris Rhodenhurst