Relayer Cake

Relayer Cake is a series of collaborative photoshop artwork relays, inspired by the exquisite corpse game – creating digital collages over 30 days – sharing the results and the process, racing towards a fixed deadline. The project embraces ideals of openness, participation, collaboration and civic engagement in the arts.

Investigating the theme of TIME 30 collaborators (10 artists chosen from Warrington Arts Festival, 10 community groups of Warrington and 10 gathered through online submission) join in this project, contributing a new layer to a collaborative artwork on a daily basis. Each artists has 24 hours to finish the artwork, and the finished image is added to an online flip book. The original Photoshop artwork is made available for the general public to explore, examine and potentially, remix themselves. Time and rhythm underpin this process, yet affords others the opportunity to examine and explore alternatives, contributing them back to the project – something that will be encouraged, emphasising the digital remix culture we operate in.

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