The Loop


‘The Loop’ is a project focusing the attention of the Alt Valley community on the Liverpool Loop Line Cycle Track. Re-Dock are with the people of Alt Valley, using a mixture of old and new creative technologies, to explore the connections the Loop Line makes between the People, Places and Things in their area, and encourage them to imagine where it might go in future.

With the Adults in the community, we have been taking our Hula-Cam, device (see blog link for more details) around Community Centres, Factories, and Street Parties , asking people to use it to make short films about their experience of the Loop Line.

Young people from Rice Lane City Farm and Norris Green Detached Youth Project are responding to the brief. “If the Loop Line were a computer game, how would it play “If the Loop Line were a Computer Game, how would it Play?” They are creating a game, informed by the wider community , that looks at the current reality and future potential of the cycle track.

Visit the Loop Line website –


Download your copy of ‘The Loop’ Game for free by clicking on the Hulks face below.

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