Digital Media Labs Award

Re-Dock are delighted to have been selected for a Digital Media Labs, research and development residency, happening in Hull at the end of October.

The residency has been organised as part of the commissioning process for an interactive art work for the new Wilberforce Health Centre in Hull.  And, our successful application means that one of us will be spending a week, alongside nine other selected artists, in an experimental media-lab environment exploring possible public-realm touch screen technology.

This is an ideal opportunity for us to intersect new and previously unencountered technologies with Re-Dock’s ‘hands-on’ (and lo-fi) approach.  We hope that this valuable new learning will be fed-back and integrated into our future projects.

Earlier this month we found out that we had been nominated (as “artists doing interesting and exciting work in the Northern regions”) by digital arts agency Folly – so a big thankyou to them!

We are really looking forward to meeting the organisors – Digital Media Labs – collaborating with the other artists, and spending a week in Kingston Upon Hull!

IMAGE: Wilberforce Monument, Queens Gardens, Hull – used under Creative Commons Licence.