From Fantasy To Reality

It’s over a year now since I first met the group of young people involved in ‘Project Triangle’.  Looking back, it’s easy to see a huge increase in confidence, both from their involvement in the project, and from the work they’ve done in presenting the film and educational DVD to various groups across the country.

On the main, they’ve stayed in touch and have been keen to continue to work together on other projects. This year, as part of the Homotopia Festival, and inspired by KPH (one of Poland’s gay youth groups), they are putting together their own Youth Festival which includes a ‘Big Gay Prom, a photographic exhibition and a film.

Over the last few months, I’ve been supporting the group through the film making process, helping them develop their initial ideas to practical reality.

Post Project Triangle, it’s interesting to see how tired they are of being viewed as ‘victims of hate’ and have moved onto more positive action.  The film they’re making has the punk inspired title ‘Sex Drags and Rock n Roll – 7 days to change the world’.

Concentrating on love, and moving away from hate, they’ve invented the BGP, a fictitious political party to directly challenge the BNP.  This fictional manifestation has now grown and they’ve recently set up a real ‘BGP’ giving them a voice and the collective power to try and change the world.

It’s a big idea and great to see a project Re-Dock has been involved with continue to grow in a natural way.  Watch this space.