No Photocopiers!

Rule #1 – No Photocopiers (And no Albatrosses!)

From the very beginning of our collective work as Re-Dock we have attempted to adhere to a simple rule “No Photocopiers (And no Albatrosses!)”

What this means in practice is that we try to stay “light on our feet” whilst also being equipped to develop projects and partnerships which are more ambitious in scale than could be undertaken by any one individual alone.  We actively avoid large scale investment in heavy physical equipment or premises which bring a whole raft of additional demands in terms of collective management and unknown infrastructure (consumables, maintenance, policies etc.) in the long run. (You can soon end up with a situation where people feel like they are running on the spot just to keep their business operational.)

Our “workaround” – enabling us to stick to individual strengths AND benefit from stability and peer support – has been to continue to informally pool and make use of each others equipment whilst, at the same time,  managing budgets and additional resources within individually defined projects.  It is through this strategy of operating on a project-to-project basis that we have been able to keep the overall Re-Dock project scalable and sustainable.