Open Source Swan Pedalo

There is always an exception to prove any rule…

At the end of 2010, in a flurry of excitement, Re-Dock took on a whole new level of responsibility by stepping into the breach and becoming overall trustees of a five-person sailing vessel – a swan pedalo!  In terms of “keeping our operation light” the pedalo breaks all of the rules – it is 10 feet long and 6 feet high and it takes 6 people to lift it!

This particular swan pedalo had been instrumental in previous projects by Liverpool Biennial connected to the “Canal &” programme which we had instigated during 2008 and when we saw it for sale on E-Bay we felt a level of responsibility to try and keep it “in the family.”  Our investment in this swan pedalo (a bargain at a hundred quid!) is really only the very first step in what represents quite a different departure for Re-Dock – a new kind of emergent project which has a working title of “Open Source Swan Pedalo.”

The Swan Pedalo was one of the key symbols used to suggest new creative potentials for people living around the Leeds and Liverpool canal and that is a conversation we are keen to continue during 2011: the Open Source Swan Pedalo is a “see where it goes” project…

Thanks to all the people who “got onboard” with the Open Source Swan Pedalo project during 2010! << You know who you are 😉

Have a look at the Open Source Swan Pedalo Blog (hosted by defnetmedia) and (of course!) you can follow @swanpedalo on twitter.