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Screening Film site launch


Thursday 12th June – finally goes live.

Screening Film is a free tool for audiences and exhibitors to find and promote film events. For more info follow us at @screeningfilm



Screening Film site launch plus One Minute Vol.7
Thur 12th June 6:00pm – 9pm in the Kazimier Garden

Join us after work for the launch of the Screening Film website. We’ll have a DJ in the garden playing sounds from the soundtracks, demos of the site itself, plus a special rolling screening of super-short artists films – One Minute Vol. 7 – curated by Kerry Baldry in the main space


Screening Film site (post)launch party plus archive cinema screening
Wednesday 18th June · 6:00pm – 9pm – Soup Kitchen

Join us after work for the Manchester launch of the Screening Film website. We’ll have a DJ playing sounds from the soundtracks, demo’s of the site itself, plus a special screening of a cinema short from the North West Film Archive collection – Do You Want Sunday Cinema and Games?

Screening Film is a project by Sam Meech (Re-Dock) in collaboration with Interconnect IT. Screening Film ver 1.1 has been made possible thanks to the support of the LJMU Enterprise team ‘DO IT award’.



The site aims to provide audiences with an overview of the diverse film-making and screening culture that exists in their area, and give profile and promotion to all forms of independent film-exhibition, from grass roots events to established cinemas. Screening Film is democratic platform for promoters, organisations and venues – networking independent film screening culture in the UK and making the ecology visible for all.

If you are an independent exhibitor, you can post your film events (simply register an account) and put your screening on the map. Exhibitors include established independent cinemas, film clubs and co-ops, alternative screening events, festivals, libraries, universities, artist spaces and more.

The Screening Film project has evolved from my interest in cinema ecology and models of film exhibition. Whereas in the past I have tried to create screening spaces through the Small Cinema project, with the Screening Film website I am attempting to provide a tool for mapping the film culture that already exists in communities across the UK.



Exhibition walkthrough – Can You Hear Me? I Can See You!

An 18 minute single shot walk-through of the new Re-Dock exhibition at FACT Liverpool – ‘Can You Hear Me? I Can See You!’. See the space, learn about the works, meet the project team and the artists involved – all in one epic take.

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Can You Hear Me? I Can See You!

Our new exhibition - Can You Hear Me? I Can See You! - will open in the FACT Connects space in the foyer of the building on Light Night, May 17 2013.

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Skype Advice Portal

Skype Advice Portal is an interactive video installation, created for the ‘Can You Hear Me? I Can See You!’ exhibition at FACT Liverpool.

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Moston Small Cinema – Finding its Feet

Feels a good time to write an update about the Moston Small Cinema project - the community screening facility we built in a former miners wash-house in North Manchester.

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Graham House Project

Last month, I did a three weeks research in London working with artists Mark Whitelaw and Robin Whitmore on a potential Duckie project with Graham House, a homeless hostel for chronic alcoholics in Vauxhall, London, looking at residents lives and looking at routes into recovery.

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Hello Chici

This is my first blog post, as part of the Child Computer Interaction at the Chici Lab in the University of central Lancaster. There aren’t many other artists at the ChiCI Lab, so thought I’d spend this first post explaining why I’m doing an Mres in this subject area and not in digital art.

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My name is Becky, we may have met. I was introduced to Re-Dock through a two week internship during the Summer of 2011, organised through the University of Liverpool, where I am currently studying English.  My passions can be surmised as; comics, children’s literature and folk tales, cross stitching cartoon characters, writing bad poetry and baking cakes without wheat in them. I also nurture an obsession with zombies, taxidermy and an increasing interest in how/what/why people communicate with each other.

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Interview with Alan Dunn

A very quick post to point to an interview conducted by The Aesthetic Trust with Alan Dunn about the installation “Constellation of Signs” which was one of several outcomes of our long-running collaborative work with Liverpool Biennial, which began with the “Canal &” research in North Liverpool.  Read more…



Liverpool Processing Meetup

We have started hosting a meetup at our base the Ranch for people interested in using Processing, the programming environment designed for artists and visual thinkers. Read more…



SYNTAX: Coding for Writers

At the end of June Mercy will deliver a new iteration of “Syntax: Coding for Writers” in the form of a two-day intensive skills-based workshop, which will be presented as part of FACT’s Open Curate It programme.  SYNTAX was originally devised in 2011 by John O’Shea and Nathan Jones as a framework for writers and coders to work together.  The SYNTAX experiment was the first time that our different collectives (Re-Dock and Mercy) had formally collaborated – it’s really great to see this initiative moving forward!

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As swan journey ends, another begins

On March 18th, Grace completed an extraordinary feat, pedalling the 127 miles of the Leeds – Liverpool canal. It was a massive achievement for Grace, and of course for the BBC Radio Leeds team who seconded her on this crazy mission, and between them they raised over £50k for Sport Relief.

The project was remarkable in other ways too though… Read more…