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The iPad camera as a portal

As part of the PORTAL project, we’ve been working with Tenantspin to deliver workshops supporting sheltered housing residents in using iPads. Our approach to this has been to frame the device as the latest step in a series of technological innovations experienced in the life-times of the residents. We have also been discussing possibilities of telepresence, and the ideas expressed through science fiction literature and film, to question to what extent these devices are now present in our everyday lives.



Knots in our heads

Concept Maps are ‘graphical tools for organising and representing knowledge’ They were developed by Joseph D Novak at Cornell University to help students visualise how their new learning could be assimilated with their existing ‘cognitive structure’. Sowa places them within the context of knowledge visualisation diagrams, alongside Semantic nets and Mind Maps. Read more…



Story of Moston Small Cinema

We recently created A Small Cinema in Moston. Below is a potted history of the project.



On Libraries

Re-Dock intern, (and now librarian – edited 2014) Becky Mulvaney discusses the her research through own relationship to libraries, developed early on thanks to her Grandmother’s weekly trips. Read more…



On Chapbooks

Becky Mulvaney (Liverpool University English student,  work placement and Re-Docker) introduces us to the world of Chapbooks



Graham House Project

Last month, I did a three weeks research in London working with artists Mark Whitelaw and Robin Whitmore on a potential Duckie project with Graham House, a homeless hostel for chronic alcoholics in Vauxhall, London, looking at residents lives and looking at routes into recovery.



Hello Chici

This is my first blog post, as part of the Child Computer Interaction at the Chici Lab in the University of central Lancaster. There aren’t many other artists at the ChiCI Lab, so thought I’d spend this first post explaining why I’m doing an Mres in this subject area and not in digital art.




My name is Becky, we may have met. I was introduced to Re-Dock through a two week internship during the Summer of 2011, organised through the University of Liverpool, where I am currently studying English.  My passions can be surmised as; comics, children’s literature and folk tales, cross stitching cartoon characters, writing bad poetry and baking cakes without wheat in them. I also nurture an obsession with zombies, taxidermy and an increasing interest in how/what/why people communicate with each other.



Swan Pedalo Broadcast – AGF

Going backwards in time a small bit: enjoy this poetry performance by AGF (aka Antye Greie) on Barrow Park Lake as part of the Full of Noises Festival 2011 (organised by Octopus Collective).